About Us

Wrong State Recordings was founded in 2012 primarily as a reaction to the realities of fast emerging new trends and ideas within the music industry. With such emerging trends and having carefully monitored the electronic music scene over the years, Wrong State Recordings surfaces as a forward thinking music & media company with a real future vision of the sounds of deep house and deep tech.
Together with the launch of their producers outfit Wrong State Recordings, they decided to start their own imprint. Thriving by its passion and love of music, with the very first release, Wrong State Recordings set a standard for high quality dance floor fodder.
Being influenced by many different facets of deep house and deep tech, Wrong State Recordings captures some of the most authentic sounds of far-fetched high quality that are, at the same time, fresh and contemporary in the electronic music scene.
Wrong State Recordings also serves to bring label management, manage bookings of artists and engage with like-minded contemporaries. Its desire is to produce groundbreaking, reputable events and promote quality independent artists by heightening the awareness of both the event and the artists. As such, with a visionary approach toward discovering, promoting and nurturing music talent, Wrong State Recordings has gone on to sign some of the most innovative and cutting edge names in contemporary deep tech house.
Wrong State Recordings’ main focus remains firmly on the future and is prepared to expand and experiment as both the label and scene grows.