Horatio & Bvaltik – It’s Clubbering Time WS003

Romanian techno and house has become a major force over the last decade, and Horatio & BValtik are two of an exciting new wave carrying that reputation forward. Horatio was picked up by Steve Lawler’s legendary VIVa Recordings, releasing two EPs for the label and later remixing Riva Starr, while BValtik makes his vinyl debut on this release after a promising start to his production career.

Ushor Abstractizat is killer track, steeped in dark, mysterious tones. Woozy whistles chime away in the background while a stripped-back yet highly engrossing beat wiggles and snaps along. The bass is brooding, low slung, moody, and the touches of atonal FX provide a depth and atmosphere that you can almost reach out and touch. Very cool stuff indeed.

Iguazu deepens the sense of mystery, a mind-bending vocal cut-up, chopped, looped and treated to delirious effect in the breakdowns while hazy, warm tones pulse in the main section over succinct percussion. Unassuming on first listen, perhaps, but play this on a beefy soundsystem and you’ll get lost in it its hidden depths.


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