Kizt – Lost In Union Square WS002

KIZT hails from Spanish town Zumarraga, and at a young age has found the respect and admiration of his peers via releases on labels like Gimmick, Deep Site Forward Education and Moon. The second release on his burgeoning label was crafted by his very own hands.

Lost In Union Square is a stripped back ride through bubbling percussive tones, mysterious organ stabs, skipping rhythms and deep, warm bass. Those who like their tech house deep and introspective will dig, with tinges of Moon Harbour or Oslo Recordings running through its veins. Malcolm’s X picks up the energy somewhat, with a more urgent feel created by open hats, swathes of white noise and a bumping groove. This combination of depth and energy makes for an engrossing ride.

His collaboration with Alasua-born talent Oraa, Parament, focuses on brooding bass tones, twisted, sleazy vocals and sublime atmospherics with a killer groove at its core. Seductive, sexy and just a little bit dark around the edges. Maris’ remix serves up a wiggling bassline, and an even more tripped out take on those vocals, its subtle flourishes making for deep techno at its best.

With the likes of Paco Osuna, Stacey Pullen, Tripmastaz, Pete Griffiths and Patrick Zigon supporting, the Lost In Union Square EP comes pre-approved.


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