Daze Maxim

Born in Poland and raised in Germany, Daze Maxim started to fiddle with music programs at the tender age of 12 on a vintage Amiga; shortly after that he had acquired his first synthesizers. This was not only the beginning of his instigated insatiable passion for producing and playing music, but also the opening of a promising career… So the precocious brat started to DJ-ing at the age of 15, additionally immersed himself in playing various instruments (electronic guitar and piano) and thereby developed his tendency for Jazz. So he picked up the saxophone ( which he still blows today ), started playing and even dedicated himself to self-studies about composition theory and contemporary music / modern music / Music of the 20th century ( Twelve-tone / Atonality and Serialism, Minimal Music ).

Thus equipped with a rare substantiated musical background for a clubmusic producer, Daze stepped into the spotlight as a 18 year old with his first release on Oliver Bondzios ( Hardfloor/ ddpnp ) and Heinrich Tillacks ( plus 8 ) Jakpot imprint in 1995. Furthermore Daze released two more EPs which attracted broad attention.
3 years later in 1998 he climbed the next plateau by founding in collaboration with Oliver Bondzio Serial Killers Haircut (also releases by Justin Berkovi, Dave Tarrida etc.) and its sublabel Gentlemans Haircut. By then 23 aged Daze had already created numerous productions. Also he did remixes for Hardfloor, Justin Berkovi and others.
In 2000 Dazes dust-raising debut album Same Place The Bot Got Smashed got released on Harthouse. Two years later he signed to Cocoon Records. This chapter was followed by a period of reorientation and exploration. Daze grabbed the microphone and was up for a new challenge. His splendidly thriving newborn is the Hello?Repeat label that he started with Jan Krueger in late 2005.

Current reviews specify Daze`s latest project heartz4 as sexy, truly emotional, soul-stripping and a touch of prince class. Having already been booked all-over Europe during his career, Daze is now ready to carry the Hello?Repeat banner further around the globe.

Resident Advisor