Pagal started DJing by the end of the 90s and had residencies at all of the best clubs that time both in Bucharest and at the Black Sea Coast. After playing together at the launch of GU 026 Bucharest, James Lavelle is mentioning Pagal in the brochure of the compilation as one of the best DJs he heard playing that year and he’s thanking him for the contribution brought to the development of the Romanian clubbing scene.
Following the next period, Pagal finished touring the Romanian cities and starts playing in Hungary, Italy and Belgium, while dedicating most of his summer gigs to Kudos Beach – the most popular venue at the Black Sea Coast.

In 2007 all Pagal’s talent, work, never endless sets and dedication for the local clubbing scene are rewarded when he is crowned as number one DJ at Awards. He is also the artist to open The Chemical Brothers concert in Bucharest, in front of thousands of fans. At the moment Pagal is one of the residents of Studio Martin and The Mission.

This year Pagal is dedicating more time than before to the production side and he is involved in two projects. While finished working on the first album, which will be released soon with Negru, he is also preparing some hot EPs with Mihai Popoviciu and Jay Bliss. All those will be preceded by tours in the finest Romanian clubs to promote the works.
If you see a guy with a messy look and a lot of tattoos jumping and screaming in the DJ booth while spinning house records, that must be Pagal totally into what he’s playing. His career rising is so still so fast, that even now, after 10 years in this industry, you could still say you can expect anything from him. Well all you can do is to stay tuned for more!

Resident Advisor