Jay Bliss, Mihai Popoviciu & Pagal – Human WS006

Three formidable names from the Romanian house/techno scene combine on this sumptuous new EP for the burgeoning Wrong State imprint. In various combinations, Jay Bliss, Mihai Popoviciu and Pagal have previously collaborated on tracks like Bis Com on Diynamic and Eucalipt / Melange on Fear Of Flying, and count releases on 2020 Vision, Popcorn Records, Suara, Highgrade Records and Area Remote between them. Their first joint effort in some time yields some superb results.


The title track of the EP, Human, kicks off with a delicate use of filtering tech stabs, slowly morphing and pulsing over throbbing, low-slung bass and energetic yet subdued percussive elements. Hypnotic and seductive, it combines the subtlest tinges of deep progressive house with a gentle tribal chug and techno rhythm to beautiful effect.


Multifaced is based around a bubblier rhythm section, still brilliantly understated and succinct, with an off-beat 2-note bassline yielding a little groove as backwards cymbals nick the surface of the track and subtle dashes of FX pepper the stereo field. The mysterious depth of the the title track is present here too, with warm synth sounds gradually brought into the fold as the track continues to grow and gently swell.


Düsseldorf’s formidable Daze Maxim makes for the perfect remixer on Human, with near two decades of experience and recent releases on Cadenza, Apollonia, Eklo and the Ricardo Villalobos-featuring Assemble Music. He sticks with the deep flow of the original, but adds a little more urgency to the percussion, building infectiously as the track goes on via shimmering pads, creaky FX and well-placed vocal samples.



Demian Muller & André Butano – Old Job WS005

Creativity has been widely recognized within the music world and once again Demian Muller & André Butano stays true to this with the Old Job EP for Wrong State Recordings.

‘’Old Job’’ and ‘New Job” are two exclusive contemporary tracks incorporating at the same time beautiful rhythms and sounds. “Old Job” provides soothing sounds at the beginning with a groovy bass-line and uplifting vocals, while “New Job” creates a whole new unique perception with instrumental melodies.

The Old Job EP is rounded with remixes by Markus Homm and Swaab, two fantastic artists in the deep house scene. Markus Homm’s remix is very deep and hypnotic whereas Swaab’s remix is a demostration of a dark underground full of deeper sounds and heavy bass-line.



Larry Peters – Amaro WS004

Chilean creativity has been widely recognized and once again Larry Peters stays true to that with the Amaro EP for Wrong State Recordings.
The Dj/producer was born in the magical land of southern Chile (La Union), where he began his career over 13 years ago. Through the years Larry met different styles of electronic music, but still his releases have the characteristic South American warmth and his rhythms are influenced by his Latin heritage. 
His tracks were released on labels such as Sound Architecture, Souvenir, Elevation Limited, Amazing Music, Night Drive Music, Real Music, Agua y Sed and Soraya Musik.

The A Side ‘’Amaro’’ and ‘’Náni Corre Por Tu Sangre” are two completely contemporary tracks, but at the same time they incorporate beautiful Latin rhythms and sounds. “Amaro” calms you at the beginning with the harmonic sounds of rain and nature, only to get you off your seat with the groovy baseline and uplifting vocals. “Náni Corre Por Tu Sangre” creates its own mystical influence with instrumental melodies and cleverly incorporates unique identity vocals.

The Amaro EP is rounded with the B Side tracks ‘’No Quele’’ and ’’Yo Diyei, Diyei”. “No Quele” is an energetic track with a real groovecatcher. Its soundscape seems to have been created for wild imaginations, while the electrifying vibe will surely get you going through the night. “Yo Diyei, Diyei” is a more minimal affair, lying on deeper sounds and a heavy sub baseline that pull listeners into darker territories.

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Horatio & Bvaltik – It’s Clubbering Time WS003

Romanian techno and house has become a major force over the last decade, and Horatio & BValtik are two of an exciting new wave carrying that reputation forward. Horatio was picked up by Steve Lawler’s legendary VIVa Recordings, releasing two EPs for the label and later remixing Riva Starr, while BValtik makes his vinyl debut on this release after a promising start to his production career.

Ushor Abstractizat is killer track, steeped in dark, mysterious tones. Woozy whistles chime away in the background while a stripped-back yet highly engrossing beat wiggles and snaps along. The bass is brooding, low slung, moody, and the touches of atonal FX provide a depth and atmosphere that you can almost reach out and touch. Very cool stuff indeed.

Iguazu deepens the sense of mystery, a mind-bending vocal cut-up, chopped, looped and treated to delirious effect in the breakdowns while hazy, warm tones pulse in the main section over succinct percussion. Unassuming on first listen, perhaps, but play this on a beefy soundsystem and you’ll get lost in it its hidden depths.

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Kizt – Lost In Union Square WS002

KIZT hails from Spanish town Zumarraga, and at a young age has found the respect and admiration of his peers via releases on labels like Gimmick, Deep Site Forward Education and Moon. The second release on his burgeoning label was crafted by his very own hands.

Lost In Union Square is a stripped back ride through bubbling percussive tones, mysterious organ stabs, skipping rhythms and deep, warm bass. Those who like their tech house deep and introspective will dig, with tinges of Moon Harbour or Oslo Recordings running through its veins. Malcolm’s X picks up the energy somewhat, with a more urgent feel created by open hats, swathes of white noise and a bumping groove. This combination of depth and energy makes for an engrossing ride.

His collaboration with Alasua-born talent Oraa, Parament, focuses on brooding bass tones, twisted, sleazy vocals and sublime atmospherics with a killer groove at its core. Seductive, sexy and just a little bit dark around the edges. Maris’ remix serves up a wiggling bassline, and an even more tripped out take on those vocals, its subtle flourishes making for deep techno at its best.

With the likes of Paco Osuna, Stacey Pullen, Tripmastaz, Pete Griffiths and Patrick Zigon supporting, the Lost In Union Square EP comes pre-approved.


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Swaab – My Friend Joseph WS001

Wrong State Recordings beings its story.

My Friend Joseph balances delicate melody with a stomping groove and seductive sub bass to brilliant juxtaposed effect. It’s deep tech house with a tribal tinge and hazy atmospherics – perfect material for warming floors up nicely or simply appreciating in the home listening environment.

Kling Klong man Rainer Weichhold steps up for the first remix, keeping things deep but with more of a shuffling groove at the helm. His rework has a classic tech house sheen with some rasping synths and tense builds creating moments of power along the way.

Barcelona native Maris goes down a more hypnotic route on his remix, weaving and filtering a simple arpeggio into ethereal textures and soft, rolling beats, while Lowjive opt for low-slung deep house littered with gorgeous tech stabs of a vintage calibre and pretty melodies.



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